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How "Promoters" Works ?


In this Program your job is very simple, just you need to promote you personal url on social websites like Facebook,  twitter, YouTube, instagram etc and post free ads in different classifieds, blogs, forums and directories.

Internet users who read your Advertisement, will visit your website / Member link and apply / signup for the Program.

For every valid click on you URL, you will earn Rs.2/- to Rs.10/-

For every genuine visitor who reaches the advertising website though your link will earn you Rs.2 to 10. Please note genuine visitor is the person who does a signup in the advertising website. In short, for every genuine  signup, you will be paid as per the plan.

For every sale that happen through your link in the advertising site you will be paid Rs.10%

All your payments will be credited to your account post approval from our administrators. You can withdraw your payment once every 7 days according to the payment method you choose.

Do I need to generate a sale or visitor to get paid?

No, Even if your ads doesn't make a sale or generate a visitor, you will still be paid for the ads posted.

How Can I start?

Open a classified website/blogs/forums/Social sites

Copy and Paste the Ad Matter in the Websites given to you in your member area,


Search for free classified websites in Google or in any other search engines

Now register Free with the Classified website

(Note: Some websites may not ask you to register, if so you can directly start posting the ads)

After registering Login to your account and click the Post Ad or Post Free Ad Section.

After clicking, you will be given the instructions by the particular Classified Website that how you have to post Ads.

Select the appropriate category (Like Advertising, Business Opportunities, Employment, Jobs, Work from Home, Part-Time Jobs etc.)

Then you have to fill the Title, Description and other details.

You can fill it up by copying and pasting from the Ad Matter given to you in your member area.

Write your email address correctly in the email address field.

They may also ask about your Ad Duration/Validity. It is Recommended to post your Ad for 30 Days or even more, if it is free.

After completing all these, they may ask you to upload a photo. Proceed to the next step without uploading any photo.

In the next Step, you may be asked to confirm and preview your Ad. Do as Directed.

After confirming the Ad, your Ad will be posted on that particular Website or an Activation link will be sent to your Email Address (You have to click on the Activation Link to complete Posting your Ad)

Here your Ad posting work is completed.

How do you track the visitors and sales generated from my ads?

Your ads contain a unique referral link, so whenever an event happen through your link our advanced system will track your visitors or sales and credit you automatically.

Is there any additional Earnings from my posted ads?

Apart from your ad posting earnings, you will also earn huge income for every signup comes from your ads and for every sale (which also includes upgrade commissions from your referrals) that happen through your link. Posting Ad is your only job the rest will happen automatically.

How Do I check my Referrers?

You can view through logging in to your account.

You can find all the users who signed up from your Member link in that page, for all referrers approved by us you will be Paid Commission that you earn from Signups and sales can be found on View Commissions page.