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Why we're Different?

ITSHELPFUL.COM is not just network marketing like other MLM companies. As you see, many new MLM concept is launched every month because of low cost MLM software. 

All MLM Leaders want to launch their own MLM company, and only few get success in the beginning because of their own network members get registered. Most of MLM companies give more importance to earnings rather than product.
MLM business depends on the software and its backend technical team to give life time support, but many are careless on this part. The reason behind this is they may be testing the response from the people, and if they fail within a year, their company get closed. Registered member loose their money and interest in MLM concept.Because of this many get earning opportunity initially.
In INDIA MLM is getting saturated but that is not the case in other countrys' its really doing good because they follow the system and make sure that everybody make money as a team. They work till they have trust in their MLM concept. We are still getting good clients for MLM software development from other country compared to INDIA. 
We have developed the MLM Software from scratch having 12 years of experience we keep on updating the versions as per market demands. We have dedicated team to resolve any major/minor issues.
ITSHELPFUL.COM is created to promote INFOSKATERS product & services through MLM. Member of ITSHELPFUL.COM get opportunity to earn money through online promotion,paid members, products and services.
ITSHELPFUL.COM is an internet advertising model used to get traffic to websites, in which ITSHELPFUL.COM pays members when the ad is clicked. It is just like as Pay-per-click concept.
Payment plans is based on your choice, flexible payment plans has been introduced in this platform as per clients requirements and processing charges may vary in types of choices you make. Work anywhere, free to work in any location and at any time as per your flexibility.
Our main concern is to increase the business prospects for our clients and increase the possibilities of earning for you as members for life long.ITSHELPFUL.COM members get life long support till the IT company INFOSKATERS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD exist in the market.